Zebuu Mint Wellness Parcel


The uplifting cooling sensation of fresh mint.

Mint is invigorating, heightening, and energizing!

Take good care of self with a parcel of mint soap, peppermint essential oil, and masala incense.

Each Zebuu wellness kit contains:

 -a 10 ml bottle of peppermint essential oil from Goloka in Bangalore, India. Use in a diffuser. Make a face mist or body spray. Dab on pulse points after your bath.

 -a box of handcrafted masala peppermint incense sticks by Goloka.

 -a 4 oz. bar of savon naturel made wit peppermint, olive oil, and Atlantic lavender. Use daily on face and body. Made by the thoughtful soap artisans at Seafoam Lavender Farm in Nova Scotia.

Free! A complimentary cotton washcloth. Scrub a dub.

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